LIFE TEEN - Leading Teens Closer to Christ


LIFE TEEN is an international Catholic movement that serves the Church and leads all teens closer to Christ by providing resources and training that encourages vibrant Eucharist celevrations and opportunities for teens to grow in their faith.

This mission is accomplished by bringing teens to:

1.  The celebration of the Eucharist.

2.  The teaching of Christ and the Church.

3.  An experience of being loved and accepted within the community.

What is LIFE TEEN?

Life Teen is a comprehensive youth ministry program based on, focused on, and directed toward the Eucharist.;  Each week, at LIfe Teen Mass and Life Night, high school teens gather in an environment to fully experience the greatest gift we have as a Catholic Church.

What attracts teens to LIFE TEEN?

Two things...THE TRUTH and EXPERIENCE.  Teaching teens about the truth in line with the theology of the Catholic C hurch is how the program educates through creative Bible studies, discussions and personal experiences.  Providing powerful liturgies for teens and their families is how the program helps them experience the power and love of Christi in the Eucharist, the Wor of God and each other.

It starts with Liturgy.

The Position of Life Teen is to present the Mass with vatality and in such a manner that it is inviting, joyful, and powerful.  It is the believ of this program that a teen's journey into a relationship with Jesus Christ is first built on transformation.  As one teen put it "LIFE TEEN is like a gas station of Chist.  You come here (the mass) and fill up on Jesus so you can pull through the rest of the week."  The Liturgy of our Church powerfully provides this experience.  Consequently, the Mass is the center and nucleus of LIFE TEEN from which all activities flow.

Music plays a vital role.

The program for high school teens starts with a Mass every Sunday that specifically appeals to teens.  However, the whole community is encouraged to come together with these young people for the sole purpose of giving thanks and praise to God.  In addition to this spirit of hospitality and fellowship, music plays a vital role in enhancing the powerful and prayerful mode of this liturgy, since music is such an integral part of a teen's life.

Priests are involved.

The role of the priest is obviously to the Mass.  In addition to being the presider, having someone in authority who represents the Church deliver a message to these young people makes a definite statement.  This is even more relevant when all other areas of society, such as the media, music, movies advertisements, and school demand so much of a teen's attention.  Seeing hundreds of teens around the altar table during the Eucharistic prayer definitely affirms God's love through the life of the Church that is both sould stirring and inspirational.

A sense of belonging.

This sense of belonging continues in the LIFE NIGHTS.  After the Mass, teens meet for emotional, social spiritual, and educational formation and again, transformation.  This is best described by one teen who simply stated. "We not only get to learn about our religion, but we also learn a gread deal about ourselves."

Parishes should be a place where young people are welcomed.  Grow in Jesus C hrist, and minister side by side with the adults of the community.  In parishes, young people should feel a sense of belonging and acceptance as full-fledged members of the community.  "Renewing the Vision" - USCCB

8 Components of Renewing the Vision

  • Advocacy
  • Catechesis
  • Community Life
  • Evangelization
  • Justice and Service
  • Leadership and Development
  • Pastoral Care
  • Prayer and Worship


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