Who: Students currently in Grades 6-8 (Wild Sky) and Grades 9-12 (Covecrest)

What: A week-long camp with prayer experiences and outdoor adventure


Camp Wild Sky is in Burnet, TX at Eagle's Wings Retreat Center

Camp Covecrest is in Tiger, GA

Camp Hidden Lake is in Dahlonega, GA - we are not attending camp at Hidden Lake this year


Camp Wild Sky: June 23-28, 2024

Camp Covecrest: July 29 - August 3, 2024

Why: Welcome Home. This is what every teenager hears the moment they step onto the grounds at a Life Teen Summer Camp. At St. Mark we strive to create a physical, emotional, and spiritual place that teens can call “home.” The goal of camp is simple: to be a continuation of that effort to foster belonging in the lives of our youth through relationship with Christ and one another. No matter their questions, doubts, or struggles they may be working through, they are always welcome. Camp is their home, away from home.



Camp Wild Sky: $800-900

Camp fee set by Life Teen: $620

$100 deposit due by Friday, November 10th

$520 remaining balance due April 2024

Travel Costs:

Rental 12-Passenger Van: $200-300 per person

If a parent or chaperone has a larger vehicle and wants to drive campers, we will reimburse drivers for gas money - this would be cheaper than renting a van. 

All travel costs are due June 2024


Camp Covecrest Overall Cost: $1,100-1,300

Camp fee set by Life Teen: $610

$100 deposit due by Friday, November 10th

$510 remaining balance due in April 2024

Travel Costs:

Roundtrip Flights to Atlanta airport - between $300-500

Shuttle fee - around $150 per person

We hope to book flights and organize a shuttle in February 2024

All travel costs will be due in July 2024



Spots to camp are given to teens on a first come, first serve basis. In order to secure your spot to camp, please follow these steps:

1. Call 210-494-1959 to put your name on a list, the first few to call will receive payment instructions 

2. Pay the $100 deposit by Friday, November 10th to secure your spot

3. Once the deposit has been paid we will send you a link to complete paperwork for St. Mark and Life Teen. Paperwork for St. Mark should be completed by November 30th. Life Teen paperwork needs to be completed by May 3rd, 2024.

A waitlist will be created once all spots are filled. On Monday, November 13th, all who have not paid the deposit will be moved to the waitlist. You will be contacted as spots open up. 



If you are interested in serving as a chaperone, please contact our office for more information.



October: Life Teen Int. assigns camp dates to St. Mark and St. Mark announces dates to all families

October-November: Families begin submitting non-refundable deposits to St. Mark to hold their child's spot ($100/camper)

November 10th: Families' non-refundable deposits are due to St. Mark ($100/camper)

December-April: Families fundraise and make camp payments (scheduled payment plans available)

February 29th: Life Teen drop deadline - those on the waitlist will be contacted if we are able to secure more spots.

March: St. Mark finalizes travel plans and updates families on final travel costs

May: Families' final camp balance due to St. Mark

June: Campers going to Wild Sky final travel costs due

June 23-28: Middle schoolers go to camp!

July: Campers going to Covecrest final travel costs due

July 29-August 3: High Schoolers go to camp!

*Travel costs for Covecrest include flights and shuttles to and from camp and the Atlanta airport. Travel costs for Wild Sky include rental van or gas money.

**Refund Policy: The $100 deposit required to secure your child's spot is non-refundable. Additional payments made after the deposit will be refunded in full if our office is notified of the camper's withdrawal before January 31st. Families who withdraw from camp after January 31st remain responsible for the final balance of camp registration unless St. Mark has potential campers on a waitlist. If St. Mark has a waitlist and a family claims the newly open spot, the original camper's family will be refunded in full (minus the deposit) and the new camper's family will become responsible for the new camper's final balance. Refunded flights may come in the form of airline credits.


If you are interested in camp, please contact us so that we can be sure you get updates!

210-494-1959 or