Confirmation Mass Details

Day of Confirmation: 2023 Date TBA

Our entire community is invited to participate in the Celebration of Confirmation. There are no limits to the number of family members and other guests that can be invited. Year One Candidates and their families are highly encouraged to attend in order to support the youth and to "preview" what next year will be like, God-willing. Families with candidates should be attentive to the following:

Details for Year Two Candidates and Families:

Candidates and Sponsor Arrival: TBA

The bishop will visit with the candidates briefly before Mass.

Mass begins at TBA. It would be safe to expect the liturgy to last 2 hours.

The dress code for that day can be found here.


We will rehearse the special parts of the Confirmation Mass with the Year Two candidates during a regularly scheduled evening session. If they are feeling unsure about "what happens" at the Mass, please assure them that we will prep them at that rehearsal. Sponsors need not attend.

Photography and Order Forms

Photography will be provided by Polo's Photo. Polo will take 1 individual shot of each candidate being confirmed by the Archbishop and 1 group photo at the end of Mass. The Archbishop might be able to remain after the group photo for family photos taken with personal devices. If you wish to place an order for prints of individual photos, please download the form below and bring it with you to the Mass along with payment:

Download Form

Liturgy Livestream

The Confirmation Masse will be livestreamed. You can share this web page with family and friends who are unable to be there but would still like to join from where they are. This is the recording from the most recent Confirmation Mass: